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Law the principal juror, who presides at the deliberations of a jury


George. born 1949, US boxer: WBA world heavyweight champion (1973--74); he regained the title in 1994 but refused to fight the WBA's top-ranked challenger and was stripped of the title in 1995; recognized as WBU champion until 1997
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(Russian, master), in the USSR the manager of a production section.

Depending on the size and the production structure of the department or workshop, the foreman is a subordinate of the department, shift, or intermediate section supervisor or of a senior foreman, who supervises at least three foremen. The foreman serves as a link between management and the workers. He exercises control over his sector’s basic and auxiliary workers, as well as over office workers, including accounting clerks, distributors, and storeroom workers. He ensures the fulfillment of plan targets by establishing the most rational distribution of work among the employees and determining the optimum load on the equipment. In making decisions, the foreman is guided by the current plans and production diagrams, schedule plans per unit output, routing and operations charts, equipment service data, and the skills of the workers.

The foreman uses remote-control equipment to check on equipment performance and has access to intercom devices, industrial closed-circuit television, and computers. In managing a production section, the foreman relies on organizational-administrative, economic, and educational methods. He disseminates information about new production techniques. He develops socialist emulation and participates in the review of the output norms and piecerates and of worker promotions, encourages individual workers or imposes disciplinary penalties, and awards bonuses from the foreman fund.


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