Forensic Medical Examination

Forensic Medical Examination


a medical examination concerning special medical and biological problems that arise in the course of a judicial investigation. A forensic medical examination is performed at the request of bodies of investigation or the court in order to establish certain information pertaining to a case—for example, to identify a person or to determine cause of death, nature of bodily injuries, state of health, age, or degree of intoxication.

In the USSR, a forensic medical examination is performed by a physician who has been specially trained for the purpose and who serves as a forensic medical expert. If such an expert is not available, the examination may be assigned to an ordinary physician. Special institutions known as bureaus of forensic medical examination are located in Moscow, Leningrad, and the administrative centers of oblasts, krais, and autonomous republics; they are also found in the Union republic ministries for public health. In complicated cases, several experts and physicians with different specializations may take part in the examination. The results are presented in the form of a written conclusion. Problems of forensic medical examinations are studied by the special scientific discipline known as forensic medicine.


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to carry out expert examination of the transport of dead animals in the municipality of maeikiai district and to carry out unauthorized or near-passing untangling transplant to the coronary and / or expert research (to organize the transport of dead, Unidentified and other persons to the coronary or forensic medical examination in accordance with police, Fire or other rescue call for services).
The charges against a man suspected of raping his minor daughter will be brought after forensic medical examination of the girl.
The case study is a process that comprises questioning the parents, the minor, and referring him/her to a forensic medical examination.
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) are registered nurses who have been specially trained to provide comprehensive care to the sexual assault patient and have demonstrated competency in conducting a forensic medical examination.
He added: "The expectation of women to have to leave the island to go to the mainland to have a forensic medical examination completed is simply unacceptable.
According to Humaira Qarizada who is the manager of the aid group Women for Afghan Women in Lowzjan, a girl who had run away with her lover, was arrested and sent to hospital for forensic medical examination.
Even as the Indian Evidence Act, as amended in 2002, clearly prohibited a reference to the sexual history of a victim of sexual assault, which required the TFT and the Supreme Court called such a test as "hypothetical" and "opinionative" nearly a decade ago, thanks to the efforts of activists, the horrendous quality of the forensic medical examination for victims of sexual assaults is bound to change for the better.
On the other hand, the SIU has finalized last months its investigations in various cases, heard the testimonies of twenty-three victims, eight witnesses and interrogated nineteen accused persons and ordered the referral of five victims to forensic medical examination and one victim to psychiatric medic, according to the requirement of investigations.
The ex-premier refused to allow the duplication of said full forensic medical examination.
Although it was stated once that the localization of the ecchymoses was atypical in the medical file of our patient, a differential diagnosis was not made, since forensic medical examination was not performed.
At issue are the crucial moments after a sex attack and before a forensic medical examination (FME).
The forensic medical examination reinforced the report by the hospital that the death was natural and caused by complications related to sickle cell disease, the statement said.

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