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(kôr`ənər), judicial officer responsible for investigating deaths occurring through violence or under suspicious circumstances. The office has been traced to the late 12th cent. Originally the coroner's duties were primarily to maintain records of criminal justice and to take custody of all royal property. In England this second function persists in his jurisdiction over treasure-trovetreasure-trove,
in English law, buried or concealed money or precious metals without any ascertainable owner. Such property belongs to the crown. The present practice in Great Britain is for the crown to pay the finder for the treasure-trove if it is of historic or artistic
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. In his present-day work of determining cause of death, the coroner proceeds by means of the inquestinquest,
in law, a body of men appointed by law to inquire into certain matters. The term also refers to the inquiry itself as well as to the findings of the inquiry. The most usual form of inquest today is that conducted by the coroner to discover the cause of a death that was
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 whenever there is doubt. In several of the United States the coroner has been replaced by the medical examiner, who can only conduct post-mortem examinationspost-mortem examination
or autopsy,
systematic examination of a cadaver for study or for determining the cause of death. Post-mortems use many methodical procedures to determine the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases, for epidemologic purposes, for establishment of
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, and who works in cooperation with the public prosecutor.



in Great Britain, the USA, and some other coun-tries with the Anglo-Saxon legal system, an official whose duties include establishing the causes of any death that occurs either under unexplained circumstances or suddenly.

When violence is suspected to be the cause of death, the coroner usually holds an inquest. He hands over all his materials for examination by a coroner’s court consisting of the coroner him-self and a small jury (six jurors), which hears witnesses and experts. Then the jury renders a verdict on the causes of death. The decision of a jury is obligatory only to establish the fact of violent death, on the basis of which the case is pursued further. In some cases (for example, accidental death) the coroner may render the decision alone.


a public official responsible for the investigation of violent, sudden, or suspicious deaths and inquiries into treasure trove. The investigation (coroner's inquest) is held in the presence of a jury (coroner's jury)
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The forensic doctor failed to attend the hearing as he resigned from his job some time back.
Popa" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Anatomy; Forensic Doctor, Institute of Forensic Medicine, Iasi, Romania
Had Aabesh been taken to the hospital on time, he would have been alive," said a senior forensic doctor of the Kolkata police.
I want to ask the forensic doctor who examined the body to give his testimony," said Lawyer Omran Darwish.
The forensic doctor who examined the woman said she had bruises on her body.
An autopsy run by Palestinian, and Jordanian pathologists, along with an Israeli forensic doctor who also joined the examination, showed that the minister's death was caused from being struck and from inhaling tear gas.
Its forensic doctor examined the deceased and released the body for burial immediately.
General Hussein Majali and Forensic Doctor Qais Qussos, the deputy premier stressed that it is a joint responsibility for the government and protests organizers to select places that don't harm people's and traffic movement.
Meanwhile, Dubai Police's forensic doctor testified that the girl's private parts could have been touched but ruled out the possibility of rape, reports the Gulf News.
Khaled Hussein, the father, said he received the bodies from the hospital morgue after a forensic doctor convinced the police officer in charge of the case to release them for burial.
The evidence came from a forensic doctor employed to test a 32-year-old Co Down man who alleges Fr Gerard Anthony Green subjected him to sexual abuse.
A forensic doctor at the hospital then inspected the corpses.

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