Form of Government

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Form of Government


the way state authority is organized. A form of government is defined by its method of formation, the legal status of its higher bodies of authority, and the status of the head of state.

The main forms of government in exploitative states are the monarchy (seeMONARCHY) and the republic (see). Of these two, the republic is the most common form in contemporary bourgeois states, whether the government be parliamentary (as in Austria, Italy, Finland, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Switzerland) or presidential (as in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA). A constitutional (parliamentary) monarchy exists in certain bourgeois states, such as Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Countries that have been liberated from colonial dependency have almost all introduced a republican form of government.

All the socialist states have a republican form of government embodying the power of the working people.

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Some countries that are under the parliamentary form of government like in Europe and England are prosperous.
It must be pointed out in this connection, that changing our form of government from the present unitary, presidential system into federal form can be done by revision of our present Charter or a re-examination of the entire document to determine how and to what extent it should be altered.
"We want to ensure that Worcester economic development is community development and the form of government will play a major role in our economic development,'' said Leonard P.
Yoder's disavowal of the question of what form of government is best does not mean that he thinks we live politically in a world in which all cats are gray.
For Ascher, the inability of Russian society to make a successful transition to a constitutional, parliamentary form of government reflected the political immaturity of Russian society as a whole and the deep social cleavages and animosities of the late Imperial period which militated against the peaceful renovation of political life.
Some people fear that autocratic trends may arise in a presidential form of government in a country like ours.
Robredo also took a swipe at President Rodrigo Duterte's push for a federal form of government.
The consultative committee's decision to explicitly ban President Rodrigo Duterte from seeking reelection when he steps down in 2022 should douse fears that the chief executive had other motives in pushing for a federal form of government, his spokesman said on Tuesday.
Catarman, Northern Samar -The 1,400-strong League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) will actively support the planned shift to federal form of government, a league official told the Manila Bulletin.
WORCESTER -- A petition requesting the City Council to hold public hearings this fall on the city's form of government has been placed on hold and will not be taken up until mid-September at the earliest.
They were to discuss the rebel group's proposal for the establishment of a federal form of government to strengthen the autonomy of Filipino-Muslims in the southern Philippines, the source said.