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Form of Government


the way state authority is organized. A form of government is defined by its method of formation, the legal status of its higher bodies of authority, and the status of the head of state.

The main forms of government in exploitative states are the monarchy (seeMONARCHY) and the republic (see). Of these two, the republic is the most common form in contemporary bourgeois states, whether the government be parliamentary (as in Austria, Italy, Finland, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Switzerland) or presidential (as in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA). A constitutional (parliamentary) monarchy exists in certain bourgeois states, such as Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Countries that have been liberated from colonial dependency have almost all introduced a republican form of government.

All the socialist states have a republican form of government embodying the power of the working people.

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