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(organic chemistry)
A compound containing the HCOO‒functional group.
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(or formiate), a salt or ester of formic acid. The most important ester formates are the methyl formic ester (methyl formate, HCOOCH5) and ethyl formic ester (ethyl formate, HCOOC2H3). Both are colorless liquids with a pleasant odor. The melting point of methyl formate is 31.5°C, and that of ethyl formate, 54.1°C. Both esters are commercially prepared from carbon monoxide and the corresponding alcohol. They are used as solvents and fumigants and in organic synthesis; for example, ethyl formate is used in the preparation of vitamin B1. Certain ester formates are used as aromatic substances in the manufacture of perfumes. The esters of orthoformic acid are sometimes classified as formates.

The most important salt formate is the sodium salt HCOONa, which is used in the preparation of oxalic acid.

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In particular, the enzymes that have inspired the development of biomimetic synthetic catalysts for C[O.sub.2] reduction are the carbon monoxide dehydrogenases and the formate dehydrogenases [18,19].
Aluminum formate and alumina powders were characterized by FT-IR, [sup.13]C and [sup.27]Al MAS NMR spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) surface area analysis, scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM), and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM).
In a round-bottom flask (10 mL) equipped with a magnetic stirrer and condenser, a solution of aniline (1 mmol, 0.093 g) in ethyl formate (2 mL, 0.025 mol) was prepared.
maripaludis on formate using glycylglycine buffer as the pH stabilizer.
2d-f) of the surface of regenerated porous fibers allow us to look closer into these pores, and it appears that the number and size of fiber holes increase with the increase of calcium formate. It shows that the fiber diameter distributions are relatively wide for regenerated porous fibers too.
The major metabolites in the anaerobic fungal monoculture were formate ([delta]= 8.46), acetate ([delta] = 1.94), lactate ([delta] = 1.34), ethanol ([delta] = 1.18), sugars/amino acids ([delta] = 3.2-4.0) and [alpha]-ketoglutarate (5 = 4.54) (Kwon et al., 2009).
Scientists had previously shown that the lack of formate dehydrogenase affects the ability of Campylobacter to colonize the chicken gut.
The molecules, ethyl formate and n-propyl cyanide, were detected in the star-forming region of space known as Sagittarius B2 and represent two different types of molecule - the esters and alkyl cyanides - which were found in a giant dust cloud at the heart of our galaxy.
A desuperheating coil installed on the compressor discharge line upstream of the condenser heats the potassium formate and supplies it via a four-pipe distribution system for defrosting the heat exchangers of freezing display cases.
In the presence of carbonyl containing molecules such as ethyl formate and methyl pyruvate, the Laval group has isolated and observed multiple hydrogen bonds between the two adsorbed species in which the aromatic C-H bonds act as hydrogen bond donors.
An ideal and highly recommended introductory primer on using a computer, Taming Your Computer by Barb Walker is a quick-reference guide to operating a computer laid out in a large type question/answer formate specifically step-by- step accessible to the complete beginner with no prior computer experience.
Major constituents were beta-citronellol (33.72 - 41.46%), citronellyl formate (15.83-18.5%), isomenthone (6.97 - 9%), 3,7-guaiadiene (5.84 - 6.93%), 3,7-dimethyl-7-octanal (1.78 - 3.61%) and (+)-trans-carane (2.53 -3.17 %).