formative evaluation

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formative (or decision-making) evaluation

a policy- or decision-oriented process-based form of assessment or EVALUATION of organisations or activities. This can be carried out before, during or after a project takes place. The information generated is used to inform decisions about the manner and effectiveness in which a project operates. The aim is to improve the on-going operation of a programme or organization, for example by improving systems, sharing ‘good practice’ and collecting information to assist on-going decision-making. Compare SUMMATIVE EVALUATION.
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The combination of the formative evaluation components and the community action approach used in this project may be a useful model to help address these concerns.
Using formative evaluation data, professionals in participating schools learn to make better instructional and curricular decisions and are in a better position to accelerate learning (cf.
9) Flagg (1990) provides a good set of formative evaluation case studies related to educational technology projects.
Despite an apparent emphasis on formative evaluation, some librarians have tried to document a positive correlation between library use and proficiency and academic performance.
Tenders are invited for Develop a formative evaluation for Saint Paul Ramsey County Public Health (SPRCPH).
This case study describes the formative evaluation of one CSCLIP lesson.
Building Communities Trust requires a contractor to undertake a ten year formative evaluation of the Invest Local programme.
The formative evaluation of E-Teach in its second version took place on a sample of eight dyslectic pupils, who attended the program for dyslexia at a private diagnostic center in Athens.
Request for proposal for Optimizing HIV Treatment Access (OHTA) for pregnant and breastfeeding women Initiative, External Mid-Term, Formative Evaluation of OHTA Initiative.
Moreover enabling the accompanying, interactive, formative evaluation of the funded transnational projects.
When applying assessment results, informed teachers consider instructional placement needs, diagnostic decisions, and formative evaluation plans (Fuchs, 1995).
in the accompanying interactive and formative evaluation of transnational funding projects is designed and implemented.