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OCTOBER 25 * Struck by its own faulty torpedo, USS Tang sinks in Formosa Strait
The fleet was able to maintain routine surveillance of the Formosa Strait with patrol aircraft, which made it impossible for the Communist Chinese to launch a surprise invasion of the island.
In July 1950 FAW-1 moved to Naha, Okinawa, to control patrols over the Formosa Strait using one land-based and one flying boat squadron.
VP-28 staged to Naha and began daily patrols of the Formosa Strait and the coast of China.
Aleutians ME Jan 18, 1953 PBM-5G 5 Formosa Strait S&R Jan 21, 1954 Helicopter 5 Port Angeles TA Jul 3, 1964 Helicopter 5 Alaska C Legend: A=Accident; C=Crash: ME=Medical Evacuation; S&R=Search & Rescue; TA=Training Accident
The Republic of China Civil Aviation Authority has released the final accident report for the March 18th, 1998 crash of Formosa Airlines Saab 340, Registration Number B-12255, which went down into the Formosa Strait shortly after take-off.
7th Fleet into the Formosa Straits to protect Red China.