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Mg2SiO4 A whitish or yellowish, magnesium-rich variety of olivine. Also known as white olivine.



(named after the German scientist J. R. Forster, 1729–98), a mineral of the olivine group; the last member of the isomorphous forsterite series is fayalite. Forsterite has the chemical composition Mg2[SiO4] and contains 90–100 percent forsterite component. It is a rock-forming mineral of ultrabasic rocks. It also occurs in metamorphosed dolomites, marbles, and magnesianskarns.

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7A); and b) banded vesicular lavas having a fluidal laminated texture and different vesicular density, with forsterite phenocrysts (Figs.
Castellanos and co-workers (personal communication) described in detail the characteristic mineral assemblages from reaction zones recognized in marbles, which include calcite + graphite [+ or -] quartz; calcite + diopside [+ or -] tremolite [+ or -] epidote-group minerals [+ or -] muscovite; calcite + wollastonite + quartz + garnet + diopside; calcite + dolomite + Ti-clinohumite + diopside + forsterite + clinochlore [+ or -] graphite; calcite + forsterite + tremolite; dolomite + calcite + clinochlore.
To this end, forsterite nanoparticles with dimensions less than 50 nm have been used in the production of desired scaffold.
Beds of massive, coarse-grained crystalline limestone, commonly dolomitic and siliceous, are prominent; MacFarlane (1975) found ubiquitous dispersed flakes of phlogopite and graphite in the limestone, along with lesser amounts of apatite, scapolite, tremolite, diopside, forsterite, hornblende and garnet.
10 What is the common name for gem-quality forsterite olivine, also known as "poor man's emerald"?
Figure 3 demonstrates that during the heat-treatment program, part of the phlogopite was transformed to the forsterite and leucite phases.
On a more detailed basis, Vert viride (the bluish green used in Station I for the toga worn by Pontius Pilatus) contains chromium oxide (Cr2O3 x 2H2O, Guignet's formula patented in Paris in 1859) plus cobalt oxide giving the bluish shade; Vert olive passe, although containing some chromium oxide, may also have a component of olivine, a rare mineral of volcanic origin including, in variable percentages, green fayalite and colourless forsterite, two high-fusing point silicates (forsterite 1850[degrees]C; fayalite 1200[degrees]C), a circumstance that would explain the difficulty in producing an enamel with this hue to be processed at temperatures below 1000[degrees]C as, according to the Lenci records, this could not be procured from any of its other suppliers.
If the prograde metamorphic peak assemblage is dolomite-forsterite-calcite, then brucite will form through reaction (6); however, during the retrograde stage forsterite may also react with calcite, [H.
Besides water ice, the two comets share only forsterite ([Mg.
Using archive information on the position of several jade source rock outcrops, it was possible, with some success, to use the ERMapper image processing system to seek and define, pixels with the spectral characteristics of the jade bearing source rock 'training sites' in complex of forsterite marble, tremolite schist, serpentine and granite contact metamorphic limestone skarn terrain.
What makes it significant is that it contains tiny grains of a magnesium-rich mineral called cordierite, together with an olivine mineral called forsterite.