Fort Bliss

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Fort Bliss,

U.S. army post, 1,122,500 acres (454,300 hectares), W Tex., E of El Paso; est. 1849 and named for Col. William Bliss, Gen. Zachary Taylor's adjutant in the Mexican War. Originally strategically located near the only ice-free pass through the Rocky Mts., it guarded the U.S.-Mexican border and protected West-bound gold seekers from hostile Native Americans; task forces against CochiseCochise
, c.1815–1874, chief of the Chiricahua group of Apache in Arizona. He was friendly with the whites until 1861, when some of his relatives were hanged by U.S. soldiers for a crime they did not commit. Afterward he waged relentless war against the U.S.
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 and GeronimoGeronimo
, c.1829–1909, leader of a Chiricahua group of the Apaches, b. Arizona. From his youth he participated in the forays of Cochise, Victorio, and other Apache leaders.
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 were based there. The fort's location has changed several times as a result of flooding; its present site, on a mesa, was established in 1890. In 1916, post commander Gen. John J. Pershing led an unsuccessful expedition into Mexico to catch the bandit Francisco (Pancho) VillaVilla, Francisco
, c.1877–1923, Mexican revolutionary, nicknamed Pancho Villa.
His real name was Doroteo Arango.

When Villa came of age, he declared his freedom from the peonage of his parents and became notorious as a bandit in Chihuahua and Durango.
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. Fort Bliss is now the Army Air Defense Center, training missilemen, artillerymen, and air-defense units.
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The combined training event incorporated multiple units here on Fort Bliss including Infantry Soldiers from the 1st Brigade Combat Team who conducted an air assault along with Troops from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team who operated Bradley Fighting Vehicles.
He was assigned to the A Company, 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division, based in Fort Bliss, Texas.
His stages are Fort Benning, Georgia 1931-36; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 1936-37; Cleveland Heights, Ohio 1937-40; Fort Omaha, Nebraska 1940-41; the Presidio of San Francisco in fall of 1941; Fort Sam Houston 1941-43; Charlottesville, Virginia 1943-46; the Presidio of San Francisco 1946-47; Fort Bliss, Texas in the fall of 1947; White Sands Proving Ground 1948-49; the University of New Mexico 1949-53; Air Force opportunism 1953-55; and Kirchberg Im Breisgau 1957-59.
The AWA leverages the unique and innovative training environment of the Fort Bliss, Texas, range complex.
Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA), Fort Bliss, Texas, launched a fellowship program with Pennsylvania State University in mid-2015.
The firm said that the new services will be offered from July 12 and it will promise reliable access to finances with more visibility, security, and control for members throughout El Paso, Las Cruces, and Fort Bliss.
Fort Bliss Drama, starring Michelle Monaghan and Pablo Schreiber.
FORT BLISS, Texas -- With a stop at this desert Army post on the last leg of his farewell tour as Pentagon chief, Chuck Hagel came full circle.
Houston, Rabi'I 16, 1436, January 07, 2015, SPA -- Two people were killed in a shooting on Tuesday at a veterans health clinic at the Fort Bliss Army base in El Paso, including the suspected gunman, officials said.
That casualty is deceased," Major General Stephen Twitty, the commander of Fort Bliss, told a news conference.
The Veterans Affairs (VA) clinic at Fort Bliss, in El Paso, went onto lockdown after an "active shooting" situation was reported around mid-afternoon, said the base's commander Major General Stephen Twitty.
On the heels of an expansion of Fort Bliss over the last several years, the emergency shelter in El Paso is seeing an increase in the number of children who can't be placed in foster homes because there aren't enough English-speaking families available.

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