Fort Delaware State Park

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Fort Delaware State Park

Location:On Pea Patch Island in the Delaware River between DE and NJ, 20 miles south of Wilmington. Access is by ferry located on Clinton Street in Delaware City; Delaware City is on the north side of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal off Rte 9.
Facilities:Civil War sites and exhibits, picnic area (é), nature trails, concession stand, restrooms (é), bird observation platform.
Activities:Interpretive programs, picnicking, birdwatching.
Special Features:Originally built in 1859 to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia, Fort Delaware served as a makeshift prison for 32,300 Confederate soldiers and Union deserters during the Civil War. Disease, malnutrition, and exposure killed more than 2,400 prisoners; many were buried across the river at what is now Finn's Point National Cemetery. (Fort Delaware closed in 2006 for historic preservation but is expected to reopen in the Spring of 2007.)
Address:PO Box 170
Delaware City, DE 19706

Size: 288 acres.

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DNRECs Fort Delaware State Park will host the second of the parks two annual prisoner-of-war (P.O.W.) living history weekends at 10 a.m.
Laura Lee is the interpretive program manager and park historian at Fort Delaware State Park in Delaware City, Delaware.
One of our gems is Fort Delaware State Park. The Fort, a former Civil War prison, is one of the largest fortifications of its time.
Today, Fort Delaware State Park is a popular tourist attraction, geared to show modern families what life was like in the 1860s and to shed some light on Civil War history.
By strategically breathing new life into the Fort DuPont complex, we can create a destination that connects with the majestic Delaware Bayshore, Fort Delaware State Park, the Michael Castle C&D Canal Trail, and the many exciting new projects now under way in Delaware City.

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