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Fisher, Fort:

see Fort FisherFort Fisher,
Confederate earthwork fortification, built by Gen. William Whiting in 1862 to guard the port of Wilmington, N.C.; scene of one of the last large battles of the Civil War.
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Fort Fisher,

Confederate earthwork fortification, built by Gen. William WhitingWhiting, William Henry Chase,
1825–65, Confederate general in the American Civil War, b. Biloxi, Miss. He served in the U.S. army until Feb., 1861, when he resigned and entered the Confederate service; there he rose to the rank of major general. As chief engineer to Gen.
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 in 1862 to guard the port of Wilmington, N.C.; scene of one of the last large battles of the Civil War. Because Wilmington was one of the few ports open to blockade-runners, a joint land-sea expedition under Gen. Benjamin ButlerButler, Benjamin Franklin,
1818–93, American politician and Union general in the Civil War, b. Deerfield, N.H. He moved to Lowell, Mass., as a youth and later practiced law there and in Boston.
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 and Admiral David PorterPorter, David Dixon,
1813–91, American admiral, b. Chester, Pa.; son of David Porter. He served under his father in the Mexican navy before he was appointed (1829) midshipman in the U.S. navy. He held his first command, the Spitfire, in the Mexican War.
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 was sent against Fort Fisher in Dec., 1864; the Union forces, however, failed to take it. A second attempt, with Gen. Alfred TerryTerry, Alfred Howe,
1827–90, American general, b. Hartford, Conn. A lawyer, he led a regiment of Connecticut volunteers at the first battle of Bull Run in the Civil War.
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 replacing Butler, captured the fort on Jan. 15, 1865. The port was closed and Wilmington fell soon afterward. Fort Fisher is now a historic site.
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Spring 1865 provides a chronological narrative from the Union triumphs at Fort Fisher and Wilmington to the war's closing moments at the McLean House and the Bennett Place.
State officials will visit Fort Fisher State Historic Site in New Hanover County Friday, Aug.
Sharks are wild animals and so we definitely don't want to be messing around with any wild animal," Gail Lemeic from the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, told ABC/CBS/CW-affiliated television station (https://www.
com)-- Anchor Wood Products Chief Executive Lou Purin announced today, that the locally owned and operated woodworking company, was selected by Friends of Fort Fisher, Inc.
15, 1865, during the closing months of the Civil War, the Second Battle of Fort Fisher near Wilmington, North Carolina, ended as Union forces captured the ''Gibraltar of the South,'' depriving the Confederates of their last major seaport.
One of them has been sent to the US National Military Museum at Fort Fisher, North Carolina.
He won his medal during the landing and attack on Fort Fisher in January 1865.
Booth, an integrative molecular ecologist at North Carolina State University, analysed DNA from the female copperhead that had been on exhibit - without a mate - for years at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.
If Fort Fisher fell Lee's army would wither and die on the vine.
History and military buffs will also appreciate the profiles of key Union Navy commanders and their roles in historic battle campaigns in New Orleans, Charleston, Mobile and Fort Fisher.
Weeks before the firing on Fort Sumpter in 1861, North Carolina militia demanded Fort Johnston from federal caretakers and then themselves abandoned the fort upon the fall of Fort Fisher and the Union push to Wilmington in January 1865.
The importance of military leadership is also a theme of Gary Ohls's article on the little-known Union amphibious operations against Fort Fisher in North Carolina during the late stages of the American Civil War.

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