Fort Mose Historic State Park

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Fort Mose Historic State Park

Location:2 miles north of Castillo de San Marcos near Saint Augustine city gates on US 1.
Facilities:A new visitor center is under construction, and the park's pavilion and boardwalk are closed until the center is completed. Call 904-461-2033 for information.
Activities:When park is open: Boating/canoeing (no boat landings at the park), picnicking, hiking, wildlife viewing.
Special Features:Park has been closed to visitors during construction of a new visitor center. When it is open, the boardwalk in the park provides a view of the original Fort Mose site. Although nothing remains of the fort, the site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of its importance in American history. In 1738, the Spanish governor of Florida chartered Fort Mose as a settlement for freed Africans who had fled slavery in the British Carolinas. When Spain ceded Florida to Britain in 1763, the inhabitants of Fort Mose migrated to Cuba.
Address:c/o Anastasia State Park
1340-A A1A S
Saint Augustine, FL 32080

Size: 41 acres land; 0.25 acres water.

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