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Fort Riley,

U.S. military post, 5,760 acres (2,331 hectares), NE Kans., on the Kansas River; est. 1852 to protect travelers on the Santa Fe Trail from attack by Native Americans. Located near the geographic center (though not the geodetic center) of the United States, it was first called Camp Center, but in 1853 it was renamed for Gen. Bennett Riley. It was a cavalry post and school until 1917, when it became a reserve-officer training center. Fort Riley is now a U.S. army staging and training area for transportation, supply, and service units.

Riley, Fort:

see Fort RileyFort Riley,
U.S. military post, 5,760 acres (2,331 hectares), NE Kans., on the Kansas River; est. 1852 to protect travelers on the Santa Fe Trail from attack by Native Americans.
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Itschner Award: Alpha Company, 82d Engineer Battalion, 2d Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division Fort Riley, Kansas.
Among the ranks of the 73d and 523d Military Police Detachments, 97th Military Police Battalion, Fort Riley, Kansas, there are many Soldiers with no deployment history as a driver, gunner, or handler; several sergeants and specialists who have never led a team; and many MWD handlers who had never participated in a field training exercise that physically and mentally challenged them and their dogs.
This article details lessons learned during the 1st Infantry Division's (1st ID's) decisive action Warfighter Exercise (WFX) 16-04 facilitated by the Mission Command Training Program at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and executed at Fort Riley, Kansas.
2ND Armored Bridge Combat Team, 1ST Infantry Division) devised a method for Soldiers to use the battalion commander's open door policy anonymously by accessing the publicly available official Fort Riley, Kansas, 1ST Infantry Division, "BIG RED ONE" website, and clinking on a hyperlink located on the battalion commander's command profile, which sends an unaddressed email to his army enterprise email address.
After completing the Armor Officer Basic Course, CPT Fust was assigned as Platoon Leader for 1st Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment, Fort Riley, Kansas.
In celebration of the troops from the Fort Riley, Kansas, Sony has created a new video called "Salute to Our Troops" where Sony Computer Entertainment had brought the PS4 and the Road to Greatness to the 1st Infantry Division, reports (http://www.
I guarantee I enjoyed using the tablet a lot more than I would have enjoyed using a textbook," says Gustafson, who can now conveniently reference his tablet training materials while on the job in Fort Riley, Kansas.
He was absent a lot of the time, and he would get angry over little things," says Courtney, 17, who lives on an Army base in Fort Riley, Kansas.
Trovelli fit that bill, and he was sent to Fort Riley, Kansas, for boot camp.
Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City District for the construction of two Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH) Barracks at Fort Riley, Kansas.
We also gleaned this type of information from the 336th FMC, which visited us at Fort Riley, Kansas, and briefed the 1st Infantry Division and 1st Sustainment Brigade leaders on the financial management concept of support and modularity.
Midwives at Irwin Army Community Hospital in Fort Riley, Kansas, said they 'we made every day a celebration at our hospital' holding a community birthday party for the women, babies, and families they have served.

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