Fortunatus' purse

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Fortunatus’ purse

luckless man receives gift of inexhaustible purse. [Ital. Fairy Tale: LLEI, I: 286]
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"I am a master of philosophy, a graduate in art, and I hold the purse of a Fortunatus. There are few mortal misfortunes that I cannot alleviate or overcome.
With his Fortunatus's goblet ready in his hand, Mr Riderhood sat down on one side of the table before the fire, and the strange man on the other: Pleasant occupying a stool between the latter and the fireside.
Joe bought a roll, and reduced his purse to the condition (with a difference) of that celebrated purse of Fortunatus, which, whatever were its favoured owner's necessities, had one unvarying amount in it.
Kenge's, that he needed to have Fortunatus' purse, he made so light of money, which he answered in this way, "My jewel of a dear cousin, you hear this old woman!
The endorsement was contained in a statement signed by Honourable Ezeukwu Christopher Formula, Chairman Student Community Voters (SCV); and Speaker, Students Representative Council (SRC), Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka; Anambra State and Chimezie Fortunatus Izuchukwu, Secretary Student Community Voters and President Students Union Government University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State.
Among their topics are American presidential candidates at the Court of Charles V: how political theory trumped political theology in 14th-century Paris; cross-cultural inventions in drama on the basis of the novel in prose, or world literature before world literature: the case of Fortunatus; Luigi Groto's Adriana: a laboratory experiment on literary genre; play institutions: social and textual practices in early Spanish academies; and the role of music in folk drama: an investigation based on Tyrolean sources.
Similarly, the comical routines of eating imaginary food that Henke identifies in sixteenth-century Italian comedy survived in the comedic tradition until the twentieth century; I was reminded of Jaromir Pleskot's 1955 film Obusku, zpytle ven, based on a traditional tale of the Fortunatus kind, featuring Ladislav Pesek as the beggared prodigal who feasts on a long list of delicacies that only he can see.
The Vita Paterni was written by Venantius Fortunatus (d.
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The Fantastico Theatro will give a special performance of the production Fortunatus the Cypriot at Famagusta Gate in Nicosia on Monday.