Fortunatus' purse

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Fortunatus’ purse

luckless man receives gift of inexhaustible purse. [Ital. Fairy Tale: LLEI, I: 286]
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I am a master of philosophy, a graduate in art, and I hold the purse of a Fortunatus.
Joe bought a roll, and reduced his purse to the condition (with a difference) of that celebrated purse of Fortunatus, which, whatever were its favoured owner's necessities, had one unvarying amount in it.
We in fact have The pleasant comedie of old Fortunatus As it was plaied before the Queenes Maiestie this Christmas (printed 1600).
And when Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Archaicus arrived, there would be three more perceptions for Paul to clarify.
The conference ended, as it started, with a compelling address, this time from Nigerian Msgr Fortunatus Nwachukwu, a member of the Permanent Mission of the Holy Sea to the United Nations in Geneva.
Cyprian wanted to provide Cornelius a list of legitimate African bishops (16) and to inform him about, among other things, developments with regard to Fortunatus, the rival laxist bishop in Carthage appointed by Privatus, the deposed bishop of Lambaesis.
The best aspect of Regina Wenzel's adapted doctoral thesis is, as appropriate to the genre, the close analysis of texts: chapters on the role of money and financial terminology in Fortunatus, Till Eulenspiegel, Nathan der Weise, Kabale and Liebe, Faust I Der grune Heinrich Von morgens bis mitternachts, and Der Besuch der alten Dame.
Fortunatus (Poem 1:38) hailed it as "jewelled eloquence.
The infamous pirate Fortunatus Wright won't appear, but his hapless twin, Unfortunatus Wrong, will suffer marooning on the Marine Lake.
Now, 252 years after the death of Fortunatus Wright, the city has remembered the legendary seafarers who sailed from its port on a mission to capture vessels from different nations - some with the blessing of the gover nment.
series et ordo naturalium causarum que ineuitabili necessitate effectus operatur: ut quod iste moriturus esset hac morte et hac die, quod futurus esset fortunatus, aut infortunatus ex necessitate fati uenire.