forward error correction

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forward error correction

[′fȯr·wərd ′er·ər kə‚rek·shən]
The location and correction of errors occurring in data communications by the receiver without retransmission of data.
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Forward Error Correction

(FEC) A class of methods for controling errors in a one-way communication system. FEC sends extra information along with the data, which can be used by the receiver to check and correct the data.

A CPU writing data to RAM is a kind of one-way communication - see error correcting memory and error checking and correction.
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forward error correction

The primary method for detecting and correcting errors in transmitted data. Forward error correction (FEC) adds bits to the outgoing message, and the receiving end uses those bits to detect and correct errors. See channel coding.
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The physical layer of ATSC 3.0 has reused the basic building blocks from DVB-T2, which are OFDM and LDPC Forward Error Correction Codes. First comparisons based on simulations for an AWGN channel have demonstrated a performance improvement of about 1dB, mainly resulting from using non-uniform constellations and advanced LDPC codes.
Hybrid ARQ methods (HARQ) extend the communication ability of ARQ in considerably lower levels of signal to noise ratio (SNR) employing forward error correction codes (FEC).

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