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From inline printing to late-stage customization, Hapa's BlisterJet CMYK provides late-stage customization in four-color printing of graphics and text on prefabricated blister packaging.
The two versions, for men and women, were conceived in the same manner: each box with its magnetic flap cover is completely wrapped in silver polyester paper using four-color printing to create a carefully balanced chromatic harmony.
* Graphics: Why waste all the added cost for four-color printing to add just these four little (and seemingly unrelated) stock photos?
Within two years, Bema had three bottom-seal bag machines, three side-weld bag machines, and one four-color printing press.
The third technology is Spectrum, which uses UV ink to produce results similar to six- or seven-color printing via four-color printing. More info:
The Greenwood Commonwealth, one of Emmerich's four Mississippi dailies, runs WPC's Quad-Stack for four-color printing with its older King Press units.
At the Four-Color Printing station you can see how colored pictures are made by rolling out cyan, magenta, yellow and black transparencies.
Before four-color printing, however, readers were left to imagine just what those hues might be, since the artists' glorious originals had to be reduced to just two colors on the cover.
It will employ UV inks printed through a fixed array of print heads for high speed four-color printing with 300 dpi resolution.
In seeking a suitably intensified setting for this kind of information, Coleman and his designers were vying with the high-quality, four-color printing they saw in the imported American glossies, like the advertisements that McCale and Hamilton had found so mesmerizing.
Many people marveled that modern technology allowed Gannett to beam the content to strategically located high-speed, four-color printing presses that enabled morning delivery nearly everywhere in America.