Fourth Republic

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Fourth Republic:

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, officially French Republic, republic (2015 est. pop. 64,457,000), 211,207 sq mi (547,026 sq km), W Europe. France is bordered by the English Channel (N), the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay (W), Spain and Andorra (SW), the Mediterranean Sea (S; the location of the
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Fourth Republic


a bourgeois republic in France that was established in 1944 after the liberation of the country from fascist German occupation and that existed until 1958. The constitution of the Fourth Republic was adopted in 1946. Until the constitution went into effect, the country was governed by a provisional regime (1944–46). In 1958 the Fifth Republic was established in France.

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This transition marked the second turnover of political power in Ghana since the inception of the Fourth Republic (Yobo & Gyampo, 2015).
In all these the PDP appear as the only party among the three original parties of the Fourth Republic to have retained its original character.
William Hitchcock's France Restored (1998) broke new ground by maintaining that far from being a pawn in the Cold War, the France of the Fourth Republic was a key player, largely responsible for the shape of the Western Europe that emerged in the 1950s.
His Fifth Republic has survived: As Fenby notes, there were only three PMS from 1958 to 1969, when he retired, versus the 21 under the Fourth Republic.
While the Second Republic courts were always willing to give effect to the doctrine of political questions at the detriment of the principle of justiciability and rule of law, the Fourth Republic courts are willing to give full effect to the justiciability principle and the rule of law.
The Fourth Republic left a devastating social legacy; the majority of Venezuelans had been excluded from society, economy and politics.
The contribution of the French Fourth Republic (1947-1958) to this tale of resurgence has been contested by historians.
After chilling autocracy gave way to the Fourth Republic Nigeria's literary community resumed publishing quality fiction and freer commentary.
This shift helped, ultimately, both to enhance the legitimacy of the very idea of parties, on which the Fourth Republic had cast a pall for many French citizens, and to encourage the emergence of a head of state who was not, a la de Gaulle, aloof from parties, but closely integrated into and dependent on the strength of his party base.
Town midfielder James Berrett gained his fourth Republic of Ireland Under 21 cap in Friday's 2-0 European Championship qualifying defeat by Bulgaria in Sofia.
Jobs has at once produced a new narrative of the post-war era, a new history of the much-maligned Fourth Republic (casting new light on some of the ways in which it actually succeeded and paved the way for the Fifth Republic), and a pre-history of 1968.