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Etiquette a title used by a sovereign when addressing another sovereign or a nobleman


Victor . 1792--1867, French philosopher and educational reformer
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Aksyonov found here no billionaire fourth cousin, but rather a professorship at George Mason University and a stint at the Keenan Institute.
Attempts to set up a republic again were defeated and Charles was succeeded by his fourth cousin, who reigned as Louis Philippe I (1773-1850).
While pregnant Kim lives with rapper boyfreind Kanye West in a 7million dollar LA mansion, her fourth cousin Muhammer Copur - who is a shopkeeper- shares a two-bed shack with his mum and five siblings, the Sun reported.
The case had been cold for 125 years when Theresa Arsenault, a Gardner resident who was related to the Stacy family, received a letter in 1980 from a fourth cousin, Clyde Stacy, whose grandfather's uncle was George Stacy.
Mr Cole is liaising with his fourth cousin Les Ryan, 63, who was born in Penarth but who now lives in Swansea, to help track down the different family members.
Paul Thomas, 33, is her fourth cousin and he was delighted when he got to meet her in person.
Three of Guerrero's cousins were killed in a single-car crash Sunday in the Dominican Republic, and it was learned that a fourth cousin in the car is in serious condition.
A Mr Joe Maypother, who came to Kilteevan six years ago, said he was a fourth cousin of Miss Mary.
His fourth cousin Laurita Blewitt said: "For us it's a novel thing really.
Two second cousins came from Carlsbad, California, two third cousins from Portland, Oregon, and a fourth cousin from Vancouver, British Columbia, attended the workshop and visited the sites of their ancestors with Jim and Marilyn.
I thought everybody knew their fourth cousin, twice removed, by name and that they played endless hours of Wiffle ball and "Bloody Murder" (until that game was banned by elders who couldn't stand to hear children screaming "Bloody Murder" until it was time for bed).
But the sisters' biggest surprise was at O'Neill's, where currentmanager Paul Thomas turned out to be their fourth cousin.

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