Fowler, Lottie

Fowler, Lottie (1836–1899)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Lottie Fowler was the name used by Charlotte Connolly when working as a medium. She diagnosed disease by clairvoyance. In 1870, during the dangerous illness of Prince Albert Edward (Prince of Wales; later King Edward VII) she was much consulted by Court officials. From the outset she predicted that the prince would recover, which he did.

Fowler was an American by birth, though she lived for many years in England and earned a good reputation there as a medium. It was Lottie Fowler’s séances in 1872 which first attracted Rev. William Stainton Moses to Spiritualism. In that same year Fowler herself was transported as an apport at one of the séances given by Frank Herne and Charles Williams, in much the same way that Mrs. Guppy was relocated in that famous incident (see Guppy-Volckman).

Fowler followed the trend in giving materialization sittings, though her specialty was clairvoyance. Her guide was a German woman named Annie. Fowler located the stolen body of Lord Lindsay of Balcarres, an acquaintance of Daniel Dunglas Home. The body had been stolen from the family vault. She also predicted the Tay Bridge disaster and a London riot.


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