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see Angelico, FraAngelico, Fra
, c.1400–1455, Florentine painter, b. Vicchio, Tuscany. He was variously named Guido (his baptismal name), or Guidolino, di Pietro; and Giovanni da Fiesole.
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; Bartolommeo di Pagholo del Fattorino, FraBartolommeo di Pagholo del Fattorino, Fra
, 1475–1517, Italian painter, also called Baccio della Porta. Under the influence of Savonarola, he joined (1500) the Dominican order.
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; Fra Filippo Lippi under LippiLippi
, name of two celebrated Italian painters of the 15th cent., Fra Filippo Lippi and his son, Filippino Lippi. Fra Filippo Lippi

Fra Filippo Lippi, c.1406–1469, called Lippo Lippi, was one of the foremost Florentine painters of the early Renaissance.
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