Fractional Units

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Fractional Units


units comprising a definite portion (fraction) of an established unit of physical values. With the establishment of the metric system, two principles were adopted for the formation of fractional units from reference units of the metric system: (a) the formation of denominations of fractional units by means of a prefix (deci-, centi-, mili-, and so on) and (b) decimalization in the ratio between the fractional unit and the original unit.

The prefixes adopted in the International System of Units for the formation of fractional units are given in Table 1.

Table 1. Fractional units
10-1 ................deci-d
10-2 ................centi-cc
10-3 ................milli-Mm
10-6 ................micro-MKμ
10-9 ................nano-Hn
10-12 ................pico-np
10-15 ................femto-Φf
10-18 ................atto-αa

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The reverse split will affect all common and subordinated unitholders uniformly and will not alter unit classes or ownership interests in the company, except to the extent that the reverse split results in any of the company's unitholders owning a fractional unit. No fractional units will be issued in connection with the reverse split.
Of course, users are able to purchase fractional units of each so it doesn't really matter what the nominal price point is.
Cash will be paid to QEPM common unitholders in lieu of any fractional units they otherwise would have been entitled to receive.
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The placepot will operate on the first six races on a card; dividends will be declared to a EUR1 stake and punters can bet in fractional units - a minimum of 10 cents in Ireland and 5p in the UK.
The investment, which is for a term of three years, with two one-year extension options for the developer, completes a financing package in excess of $225 million for the 121-room luxury hotel and 35 condo apartments, 16 of which are being sold in whole-ownership units and the remainder in fractional units.
That hotel on its own would not have made economic sense, but in combination with the condominiums and fractional units it makes sense," Cahill says.
They were treated with new glasses using fractional units of vertical and horizontal prism.
To raise the capital, 928 limited partnerships are being sold at a minimum cost of US$25,000 per unit; additional fractional units can be purchased in increments of US$5,000, said Carlos Toro, Tourism Co.
Older students were able to develop more flexibility in their thinking about fractional units. Students had the opportunity to take fractional amounts apart and put them back together and to develop a conceptual understanding of equivalent fractions and least common multiples.