Fraerman, Ruvim

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Fraerman, Ruvim Isaevich


Born Sept. 10 (22), 1891, in Mogilev; died Mar. 28, 1972, in Moscow. Soviet Russian writer.

Fraerman attended the Kharkov Technological Institute in 1916. He took part in the Civil War in the Far East, where he began his journalistic and literary career writing for partisan newspapers. He also took part in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45.

The events of the Civil War and the life of the minority peoples of the Far East are the subjects of Fraerman’s novel The Golden Cornflower (1963) and several novellas intended primarily for children, including The Red Fox (1924), The Blizzard (1926), Vas’ka the Giliak (1929), Second Spring (1932), and Nikichen (1933). In the poetic novella The Wild Dog Dingo, or a Tale of First Love (1939; film of the same title, 1962), noted for its philosophical and moral content, Fraerman created the enchanting image of an adolescent girl in the full complexity of a transitional age and the drama of first love.

Other works include short stories for children, sketches, and a book about A. Gaidar. Fraerman’s works have been translated into various foreign languages and into national languages of the USSR.


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