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Caption: Genieve Figgis, The Happy Accidents of the Swing (after Fragonard), 2018, acrylic on canvas, 47 1/4 x 39 3/8".
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On the way, I noticed the ubiquitous signs pointing the way to the three big historic perfumeries in Grasse that offer tours, perfume workshops and fragrance products: Galimard, Molinard and Fragonard. Grasse is also home to the prestigious Grasse Institute of Perfumery, which offers a number of levels of perfume-making instruction, including a nine-month immersion experience that accepts only 12 students a year.
The glazes swirl, co-mingle and secrete from orifices, coating her forms with fleshy sensuality reminiscent of Fragonard with its softs pinks, peaches and icy blues.
And visitors to the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff will be able to see how the Surrey-born artist is influenced by French art and, in particular the deceptive lightness and fragility of Watteau and Fragonard and the complex and subtle use of pictorial space in Poussin.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Calvin Klein, Jungle Magic, Veronica, Afnan, Archie, Chanel, Gucci, Elizabeth Arden, Ralph Lauren, Evaflor, Victoria's Secret, Titan, Avon, Roberto Cavalli, Lacoste, Eden Parfums, Fragonard, Marc Jacobs.
In the interior, are three works by Rubens and one by Jean-Honore Fragonard, a French painter native of the town.
All three collections present works of art by masters, including Canaletto, Boucher, Fragonard, Corot, Boudin, Renoir, Monet, Signac, Chagall, Vryzakis, Volanakis, Rallis, Moralis, Tsarouchis, Ghika, Kissonergis, Diamantis and Kanthos, echoing over 400 years of history and art, beckoning the public to discover a world of artistic creation beyond the confines of periods and schools, as this is detected in the broader artistic tradition of Europe.
SAVE: PS22 9 Fragonard eau de toilette Pose de Senteur (50ml), Marks & Spencer.