Frame Frequency

frame frequency

[′frām ‚frē·kwən·sē]
The number of times per second that the frame is completely scanned in television. Also known as picture frequency.
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Frame Frequency


(1) The rate of succession of the film frames during motion-picture filming or projection; the same as the filming or projection speed. The standard filming and projection speed is 24 frames per sec; 8-mm and 16-mm films are sometimes exposed and projected at a speed of 16 frames per sec. If filming is done at a speed higher or lower than the projection speed, the action photographed will be seen as retarded or speeded up, respectively, during projection. The two effects are widely used in all types of motion pictures.

(2) The rate at which complete frames change on the screen of a television receiver. The frame frequency adopted as a television standard in the USSR is 25 frames per sec.

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For the shaking table experiment, it is difficult to obtain detailed dynamic response of the high-speed moving object using the common cameras with the frame frequency lower than about 20fps.
However, with the high bandwidth of USB 2.0 and frame frequency; at a maximum rate of 30 frame (s) per second (fps), the asynchronous time stamp problem could be minimized.
The available frame frequency for each camera is evaluated individually within the available range of 5 to 30 fps with 0.5 fps sampling interval.
(7) presents the effect of diameters ratio on the frame frequency at different inlet fluid velocities.
(8) shows the effect of inlet fluid velocity on the fundamental frame frequency with different frame angles.
Frame frequency contrasts between COMETVAL and BNCWr Frequencies of Number of % Number of % PFs per million content-word PFs function-word PFs in BNCWr (COMETVAL) (COMETVAL) 0 to 10 66 80.5 41 24.8 10.1 to 20 8 9.8 13 7.9 20.1 to 30 1 1.2 8 4.8 +30 7 8.5 103 62.5 TOTAL 82 100 165 100 Table 3.
The WZ frame frequency is set to one WZ frame every two frames and the first WZ frame is encoded by H.264/AVC intra-frame encoder in order to derive the motion information of the second WZ frame for its SI generation.
As the needs for high frame frequency and highresolution microscopy increase, the low-cost advantage of frequency modulation FLIM becomes less dominant compared with that of temporal FLIM including time-gated FLIM and TCSPC.
For each excitation, only one intensity image will be recorded(IV = 1) to accommodate with low frame frequency ICCD, namely, one-excitation onesampling mode.
The vibrations caused by the engine do not affect the measurement because the measuring cameras operate at a high frame frequency of 29 frames per second.
The LDS181 65k color STN LCD driver IC is a highly integrated high-performance device with integrated display RAM, on-chip oscillator, and temperature compensation for adjustment of VCLD and frame frequency, providing fine tuning of the screen for optical visual performance.