Frances Eliza Burnett

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Burnett, Frances Eliza


Born Nov. 24, 1849, in Manchester; died Oct. 29, 1924, in New York. American writer. An Englishwoman by birth.

Burnett is widely known for her works written for children. There were more than 20 editions of her novella Little Lord Fauntleroy (1886; Russian translation, 1889), in which a young American boy with a natural humanity “reeducates” his hard-hearted grandfather, an English aristocrat. Among Burnett’s best works are the novella The Little Princess (1905; Russian translation, 1911). This novella shows the great importance of moral strength, which enables the heroine to emerge victorious from very difficult circumstances. The short story “Two Days in the Life of Piccino” (1894; Russian translation, 1900) is also one of Burnett’s best works.


The Dawn of a Tomorrow. New York, 1906.
White People. London, 1920.
In Russian translation:
Tainstvennyi sad. Moscow, 1914.
Svet vo t’me. St. Petersburg, 1915.


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