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Ferruccio, Francesco


(also Francesco Ferrucci). Born Aug. 14, 1489, in Florence; died Aug. 3, 1530, in Gavinana. Florentine military commander and state figure.

Ferruccio served as podesta in the Tuscan towns of Larciano (1519), Campi (1523), and Radda (1527). In 1528 he was sent by Florence as commander of a special detachment to help the French in their campaign against Naples. In 1529–30 he was one of the leaders of the Florentine republic’s struggle against the forces of Charles V and Pope Clement VII, who conspired to restore the Medici family to power in Florence. In 1529 he was appointed military commissioner of the city of Empoli, from which he organized a regular supply route to Florence, which had come under siege. In 1530, as he set out with his troops to aid Florence, Ferruccio was attacked and overpowered by the enemy’s superior forces. The attack was made possible by the treachery of M. Baglioni, who had been put in charge of the defense of Florence in 1529. Although Ferruccio fought bravely, he fell in battle.


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In addition to a few tributes by the physician's colleagues, the volume includes a number of heretofore unpublished letters that Vannucci wrote to Salvemini and Rosselli as well as a couple of speeches he made in 1928 and 1930 before gatherings of Italian immigrants to, respectively, celebrate the tenth anniversary of the armistice ending the First World War and to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Francesco Ferrucci, the captain of the Republic of Florence who had been killed in 1530 in the fruitless attempt to prevent the restoration of the rule of the Medici family.
During the opening phase of the Medici porphyry campaign in the 1550's, the manual skill was provided by Francesco Ferrucci del Tadda, familiarly known as Tadda, a member of the long-established Ferrucci family of Fiesole, good solid stone workers and part-time architects.