Francesco Jovine

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Jovine, Francesco


Born Oct. 9, 1902, in Guardialfiera, in the province of Campobasso; died Apr. 30, 1950, in Rome. Italian writer.

Jovine participated in the Italian resistance movement during World War II (1939^5). In the collection of satirical short stories Empire in the Provinces (1945), he unmasks fascist demagogy. Jovine’s best work is the novel Lands of Sacramento (1950), in which he describes the struggle of the Italian peasantry for land during fascism’s accession to power in the 1920’s. An outstanding phenomenon of neorealist literature, Jovine’s novel influenced the development of that literature.


In Russian translation:
Zemli Sakramento. Moscow, 1955.


Potapova, Z. M. Neorealizm v Ital’ianskoi literature. Moscow, 1961.
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Its particular achievement consists of its new readings of the modes of representation of the nation through its rural narratives: the novels of peasant crisis produced from the 1930s to the 1950s by Ignazio Silone, Carlo Levi, Francesco Jovine, and Cesare Pavese.
We have of course known for some time that Jovine wrote essays of this kind, and previous scholars have helpfully listed them: Eugenio Ragni in Francesco Jovine (Florence: La Nuova Italia, 1972) and Alfonso Procaccini in Francesco Jovine: The Quest for Realism (New York: Peter Lang, 1986).
(11) </pre> <p>Nel variegato concerto di voci che salutano le Sorelle Materassi interviene anche Francesco Jovine, con una recensione, dal titolo "Scrittori di oggi.