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(pärmējänē`nō) or


(–jä`nō), 1503–40, Italian painter and etcher, one of the most sensitive mannerist artists (see mannerismmannerism,
a style in art and architecture (c.1520–1600), originating in Italy as a reaction against the equilibrium of form and proportions characteristic of the High Renaissance.
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) and one of the period's finest draftsmen. His real name was Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola. The name Parmigianino is derived from his birthplace, Parma. His early paintings show the pervasive influence of CorreggioCorreggio
, c.1494–1534, Italian painter, whose real name was Antonio Allegri, called Correggio for his birthplace. He learned the rudiments of art from his uncle Lorenzo Allegri.
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. These include The Marriage of St. Catherine (Parma Gall.) and the frescoes in San Giovanni Evangelista, where both artists painted. Parmigianino was in Rome for a few years, but had to flee during the sack of the city in 1527. He went to Bologna, where he painted the altarpiece Madonna and Child with St. Margaret and Other Saints. One of his most curious works is a painting of himself seen in the distorted reflection of a convex mirror (Vienna). In 1531 he returned to Parma and spent the last years of his life painting frescoes in Santa Maria della Steccata. His art is noted for its remarkable grace and sensuality and for its elongated figures. Among his important works are the Vision of St. Jerome (National Gall., London); Madonna dal Collo Lungo (Uffizi, Florence); and the Legend of Diane and Acteon (Rocca di Fontanellato, near Parma). Parmigianino was one of the first artists to use the technique of etching, and through this medium his style became influential in Italy and N Europe.


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real name Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola. 1503--40, Italian painter, one of the originators of mannerism
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Summers states in his introduction that "the most important criteria in determining whether an artist is assigned an entry is his or her contribution to queer visual arts." Take, for example, Parmigiano (Francesco Mazzola) about whose Renaissance-era life little is known, but whose "refined and tortuously complex style has often appealed to a gay male audience," and some of whose work "may be interpreted homoerotically." Both of these entries are illustrated, but there are far fewer pictures than one would expect in a book on the visual arts.