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A la caida de Napoleon, Mina queda en libertad y vuelve a Espana, y se une a su tio Francisco Espoz y Mina (explica que con el se inicia la confusion al llamar Francisco Xavier al sobrino, que era el famoso, su tio incluso tomo su apellido Mina).
The latter produced the most celebrated of all the guerrilla leaders, Martin Javier Mina and Francisco Espoz y Mina.
For the authors of the political memoirs that followed the Napoleonic invasion of Spain (Antonio Alcala Galiano, Francisco Espoz y Mina, Fernando Fernandez de Cordoba, Manuel de Godoy, and Jose de Palafox y Melzi are examples), "public opinion is divided in two: there is the degraded, partial opinion manifested in contemporary political publications, and there is real authentic Public Opinion--otherwise known as Posterity, History, or the Nation--which exists outside temporality, outside the play of textuality" (46).
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