Francisco Indalecio Madero

Madero, Francisco Indalecio


Born Oct. 30, 1873, in the state of Coahuila; died Feb. 22, 1913, near Veracruz. Mexican statesman. Son of a big landowner.

Madero studied in Mexico, France, and the USA. He began his political career in 1904, coming out against the dictatorship of P. Diaz. Madero played a prominent role in the preparation and initial stages of the Mexican Revolution of 1910-17. Having become president (November 1911), he carried out a number of progressive measures directed at weakening the position of foreign imperialism and domestic reaction. His government was overthrown by a counterrevolutionary mutiny in February 1913 and he was murdered.

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En 1877 Francisco Indalecio Madero tenia apenas cuatro anos de edad cuando el General Porfirio Diaz se convirtio en Presidente del pais a consecuencia de la rebelion tuxtepecana.
* Antes del dominio del Partido Revolucionario Institutional (PRI) en Mexico, el unico presidente elegido en comicios democraticos fue Francisco Indalecio Madero (1911), que vencio en las urnas a Porfirio Diaz, quien encabezo una dictadura de 30 anos.