Francisco Indalecio Madero

Madero, Francisco Indalecio


Born Oct. 30, 1873, in the state of Coahuila; died Feb. 22, 1913, near Veracruz. Mexican statesman. Son of a big landowner.

Madero studied in Mexico, France, and the USA. He began his political career in 1904, coming out against the dictatorship of P. Diaz. Madero played a prominent role in the preparation and initial stages of the Mexican Revolution of 1910-17. Having become president (November 1911), he carried out a number of progressive measures directed at weakening the position of foreign imperialism and domestic reaction. His government was overthrown by a counterrevolutionary mutiny in February 1913 and he was murdered.

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En 1877 Francisco Indalecio Madero tenia apenas cuatro anos de edad cuando el General Porfirio Diaz se convirtio en Presidente del pais a consecuencia de la rebelion tuxtepecana.
Antes del dominio del Partido Revolucionario Institutional (PRI) en Mexico, el unico presidente elegido en comicios democraticos fue Francisco Indalecio Madero (1911), que vencio en las urnas a Porfirio Diaz, quien encabezo una dictadura de 30 anos.