Francisco de Orellana

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Francisco de Orellana
BirthplaceTrujillo, Extremadura, Spain
Known for First known navigation through the length of the Amazon River

Orellana, Francisco de


Born 1505 or 1511 in Trujillo, Spain; died 1546 or 1550 in Brazil. Spanish conquistador.

In 1537, Orellana reestablished Fort Guayaquil, which had been destroyed by the Indians. In 1541 he left Guayaquil and crossed the Andes. He traveled along the Napo River and then down the Amazon, which crossed the “land of the Amazons”; he reached the Atlantic Ocean in August 1542. Orellana traversed South America at its widest part and traced the entire middle and lower Amazon.


Otkrytie velikoi reki Amazonok. Moscow, 1963. (Translated from Spanish.)
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While looking for jaguars, monkeys and toucans in the jungles of eastern Ecuador, along the same Napo River route that Francisco Orellana followed to discover the Amazon, my eyes again weren't paying proper attention to things down below.
Despite the existence of several species, the most common in our country is Bixa orellana L., named after Francisco Orellana, who was the first European to navigate the Amazon [23].

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