Francisco Solano López

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López, Francisco Solano


Born July 24, 1826, in Asunción; died Mar. 1, 1870, in Cêrro Corá. Paraguayan statesman and diplomat.

López headed the first Paraguayan embassy to Europe (1853-54) and later defended his country’s economic and political sovereignty in negotiations with foreign states. While serving as minister of war (1855), he carried out a reorganization of the army; he initiated the construction of an arsenal, a foundry, and a railroad. Lopez was president from 1862 to 1870 and encouraged the development of the national economy and culture. Between 1864 and 1870, during Paraguay’s war with the reactionary coalition of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, he showed himself to be a talented organizer and military leader. He died in battle.

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The cited cause was some imagined border dispute, but the delusional, vainglorious leadership of President Francisco Solano Lopez, left, was the real one.
Until now, this included one of the most significant and famous: Hector German Oesterheld's and Francisco Solano Lopez's El Eternauta.
It has refurbished the old municipal theater of Asuncion, restored the railway station there, and helped renovate the government palace--the latest restoration project since Francisco Solano Lopez lived in the neoclassical mansion in the 1860s.
The Paraguayan dictator Francisco Solano Lopez lost his life during the War of the Triple Alliance and was widely believed to have led Paraguay into ruin.
En un primer momento, las historiografias de la guerra explicaron el acontecimiento como una respuesta a la agresion del mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez, a quien se le atribuyo toda la responsabilidad del inicio y de la larga continuidad del conflicto.