Francisco Vàsquez de Coronado

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Coronado, Francisco Vàsquez de


Born 1510; died 1547 or 1554. Spanish conquistador.

In 1540, while he was governor of Nueva Galicia (the north-western part of Mexico), Coronado led a large expedition aimed at conquering the mythical country of the “Seven Cities” to the north. The expedition discovered the mouth and lower course of the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon, the southeastern spurs of the Rocky Mountains, the upper course of the Rio Grande River, and the Pecos, a tributary of the Rio Grande. In 1541, Coronado was the first to cross the Great Plains, traveling as far as 40° N lat. During this trip he crossed the Arkansas and Kansas rivers and may have reached the lower bounds of the Missouri.

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1540 - Francisco Vazquez de Coronado's expedition sets off from Mexico in search of 7 cities of Cibola.
In a letter to Viceroy Mendoza of Spain, dated August 3,1540, Francisco Vazquez de Coronado reported:
Francisco Vazquez de Coronado began his exploration of Tierra Nueva on New Spain's far northern frontier in 1540.