Francisco del Rosario Sánchez

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Sánchez, Francisco del Rosario


Born Mar. 9, 1817, in Santo Domingo, Mexico; died July 4, 1861, near the city of San Juan. Dominican political and state figure and general.

In 1838, Sánchez and J. P. Duarte founded the patriotic society La Trinitaria. In February 1844 Sánchez led an uprising that helped establish the Dominican Republic as an independent state and subsequently held several high military and administrative posts. As a supporter of Duarte’s ideas, he was repeatedly exiled. Sánchez opposed the seizure of the Dominican Republic by Spain in March 1861. He led a detachment against the Spanish occupation forces; he was captured and shot.

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Annually on its Independence Day, the country pays tribute to its Founding Fathers, Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, and Matias Ramon Mella in rites held at "Puerta del Conde" where the declaration of their war for Independence took place.
Duarte is still honored each Independence Day, as are the other founding fathers: Ramon Matias Mella and Francisco del Rosario Sanchez.
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