Frank Zappa

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Zappa, Frank (b. Francis Vincent)

(1940–93) rock songwriter, guitarist, composer; born in Baltimore, Md. He played guitar in a high school blues and rock band and briefly studied music theory in college. In the 1960s he joined the Mothers of Invention, a band known for its outrageous satire and eclectic sound. In the 1970s and 1980s he produced and recorded several albums and composed and conducted his own concert music for various symphony orchestras.
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And what's the point of a hologrammed Frank Zappa, playing the same crazy, jazzy guitar solo every night in a new town when the original would never have repeated himself?
Ahmet said his father had a real interest in holograms and added: "This is a love letter and a journey celebrating the genius artistry of Frank Zappa.
In an effort to do my part in fostering the legacy of Frank Zappa, I am thinking of making my "stage" name "Ronzil" or "Ron Unit." I already have been called "Diva Muffin" enough.
"Dydd Iau 5ed Mawrth, byddwn yn dathlu gwaith Zappa, pan fydd Theatr Bara Caws yn cyfarwyddo perfformiad o drawsgrifiad achos llys Zappa yn 1975, cyn bydd ffilm ddogfen o'r enw 'Summer '82' yn cael ei dangos ar fywyd a gwaith Frank Zappa. Yna bydd Gail Zappa, Joe Travers a Kurt Morgan o Ymddiriedolaeth Zappa yn ymuno a ni am sesiwn cwestiwn ac ateb.
He's not going to try to out-Frank Zappa Frank Zappa. Thank God.''
London, Aug 07 ( ANI ): George Duke, the Grammy-winning jazz keyboardist and producer, who collaborated with Frank Zappa during the 1970s, has died at St John's hospital in Los Angeles on Wednesday.
Frank Zappa - namer of children As one wag joked on Twitter yesterday: "Lucky old Nori, if she'd been born a boy she was going to be Fred".
The absurdly dynamic sound of this Leeds quintet eviscerates a storeroom of prior influences that leap from the squawking improv of John Zorn to briefly calming Buddhist chant, then from Weather Report electric piano fusion to frenetic Frank Zappa collage carnage.
Zappa plays Zappa, Hall Two, The Sage Gateshead FRANK Zappa's son Dweezil has been touring and performing his father's songs for a half a dozen years.
11.35 Father Ted E4 SKY: 136 FV: 28 6.00 Switched 6.45 Smallville 7.25 One Tree Hill 8.10 Scrubs 9.10 Smallville 10.10 Ugly Betty 11.05 Desperate Housewives 12.00 Scrubs 12.30 Hollyoaks 1.00 How I Met Your Mother 2.00 The Big Bang Theory 3.00 Scrubs 4.00 Ugly Betty 7.00 Dragons' Gear 1.0.00 12.00 The Storage Gear 7.00 Gavin & BEST ROCK Zappa Plays Zappa @ St David's Hall, Cardiff (Tuesday) |RECLINING SOUND SOFA | ONE of the most prolific, iconoclastic and virtuoso rock musicians of the 20th century (and that still really isn't doing him sufficient justice), Frank Zappa would be a hard act for any one to follow.
His other musical experiences include performing and recording with the Columbia Symphony under Bruno Walter and Igor Stravinsky, as well as artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to Frank Zappa.
Frank Zappa is not exactly known for his sappy love songs.