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(frän`chä), c.1450–1517, Italian painter, goldsmith, and medalist of the early Bolognese school, whose real name was Francesco Raibolini. Until the age of 40 he was famous chiefly as a goldsmith and engraver of nielli and of dies for medals. His paintings reflect the influence of Perugino and Raphael. Among the most noted are Crucifixion (Louvre); Pietà (National Gall., London); and Assumption (Church of San Frediano, Lucca). Others include Head of the Virgin (Pa. Acad. of the Fine Arts); Madonna (Gardner Mus., Boston); a portrait of Federigo Gonzaga (Metropolitan Mus.); and Madonna and Child (National Gall. of Art, Washington, D.C.).


See study by G. C. Williamson (1907).

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Con una larga marcha, Friedrick Muck Lamberty (1891-1984) conducia un grupo de jovenes de la ciudad de Hartenstein a traves de Frankenland y Thuringen a la ciudad de Kronach para el "Pfingstentreffe" (encuentro de primavera) de los Wandervogel, y aqui fundo el grupo Neue Schar, con el cual, recorriendo un larguisimo camino como en una especie de ver sacrum, salia de Coburg y pasando por Sonnenberg, Saalfeld, Jena, Weimar, Erfurt y Gotha, llegaba al castillo de la Wartburg en Eisenach.
Contract notice: The provision of service contracts for the cleaning of buildings and glass, as well as the cleaning services and supervision of the baths, sauna and cardiog machines for the Frankenland Clinic in Bad Windsheim.
Frankenland offered mango flavoured milk and (cold) coffee in 230 ml plastic tubs with resealable lids and Werner Laurenroth showed a Shrimp Mexicana product for which the shrimps had been size-graded, de-headed, cooked, peeled and crushed (to maintain flavour).