Frankfurt Book Fair

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Frankfurt Book Fair (Buchmesse)

Second week in October
The world's largest annual trade show for the book publishing industry is held annually for five days in Frankfurt, Germany. It attracts exhibitors from about 110 countries and is attended by more than 250,000 people, of whom about 7,000 are publishers, editors, and exhibitors.
Trade fairs have been a tradition in Frankfurt for at least 800 years, and, in even earlier times, its location on the Main River in the heart of the continent made the community a crossroads of trade. Book fairs were held in Frankfurt in the 16th century, when the city had become the center of German publishing. In 1579, the book fairs came under the supervision of the imperial censorship commission, and gradually the center of publishing shifted to Leipzig.
The world wars severely restricted publishing in Europe, but the industry reemerged afterwards. Because Leipzig was in Soviet-controlled East Germany, the publishing trade center moved back to Frankfurt for the first time since about 1650. The book fair had been chiefly an event for German publishers before 1939, but it grew in a few years to be the world's preeminent book fair. In its present international form, the fair is officially dated to 1949.
Ausstellungs-und Messe GmbH
Frankfurter Buchmesse
Reineckstr. 3
Frankfurt, Hesse 60313 Germany
49-69-210-20; fax: 49-69-210-22-27
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I recently tried to turn down an excerpt from a novel about soccer, for instance, although the publisher begged me to do it anyway, even despite my protests to it not being an area I had an affinity for, because they wanted the sample ASAP to bring to the Frankfurt Bookfair with them.
Felton attended the Frankfurt Bookfair in October and received a raft of requests for books to send to editors around the world.
has announced the introduction of two new product additions to the established RealPage electronic publishing solution: RealPage WIS (Web Integrated Service) and RealPage SOLO (Self Operated Licensed Option), both of which were officially launched at the Frankfurt Bookfair 1998.

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