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Franklin Institute,

in Philadelphia; chartered and opened 1824 "for the promotion of the mechanic arts," the first of its kind in the country. It was named for Benjamin FranklinFranklin, Benjamin,
1706–90, American statesman, printer, scientist, and writer, b. Boston. The only American of the colonial period to earn a European reputation as a natural philosopher, he is best remembered in the United States as a patriot and diplomat.
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. Since the 19th cent. it has been noted for its lecture series, trade exhibitions, investigations of new inventions, and work on governmental, industrial and scientific problems. Its Science Center develops, maintains, and presents programs and exhibits, many of them interactive. It also supports technological and science education, hosts the Franklin Awards for science and technology, and oversees the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial. The Journal of the Franklin Institute (published continuously since 1826) enjoys wide recognition, and its library is one of the outstanding technical collections in the country. In addition, the Institute maintains two film theaters and the Fels Planetarium (est. 1933, renovated 2002).
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Beginning in March 1955, the Franklin Institute Science Museum's (FISM) Department of Education collaborated with corporate specialists working through professional organizations like the Institute for Radio Engineers to host career forums for high school students.
But on June 30, he went to the Franklin Institute science museum in Philadelphia, with his friend's daughter, Samantha, 17.
Prior to joining MPM, Olson held leadership positions at the Franklin Institute Science Museum, the Long Island Children's Museum, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the Griffith Observatory.
He started his career at Pacific Science Center in Seattle before spending time at Bishop Museum in Honolulu, and the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia.
Opening April 4, "Galileo, the Medici, and the Age of Astronomy," a must-see exhibit for science buffs, brings 100 priceless artifacts from museums in Florence, Italy, to the Franklin Institute Science Museum. (
FOR KIDS The Franklin Institute Science Museum (www2.
The Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, PA, (215) 448-1208,
Previous positions include science librarian at Kenyon College in Ohio and library director at the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia.
Labor Secretary Robert Teich was lined up as the probable speaker for the gala reception and dinner on Thursday night, September 9, at the Franklin Institute Science Museum. Even if Reich can't be there, it will be a big party with music and other festivities -- underwritten by The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.
The Franklin Institute Science Museum's new Musser Choices Forum is a hightech auditorium equipped with individual computer keypads for voting, and it also features freedom of expressions issues related to science.
In mid-1990, Philadelphia's Franklin Institute Science Museum, the oldest hands-on science museum in America, will open a unique new facility -- the Futures Center.
Stephen Baumann, the Director of Educational Technology Programs at The Franklin Institute Science Museum, is the Principal Investigator for the SLN project.

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