Franklin and Marshall College

Franklin and Marshall College,

at Lancaster, Pa.; United Church of Christ (Evangelical-Reformed); coeducational; est. 1787 as Franklin College, reorganized 1853 when it merged with Marshall College (chartered 1836).
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According to the Franklin and Marshall College Poll, the president currently leads Romney 48 percent to 36 percent with 12 percent undecided.
Mr Winter's first taste of combat came on June 6, 1944, after he had enlisted after his graduation from Franklin and Marshall College.
Early dance is offered at such colleges, universities, and conservatories as Franklin and Marshall College, Goucher College, Temple University, The University of California, Riverside, UC Santa Cruz, Longy School of Music, and St.
But he quickly proved his intellectual ability by graduating as valedictorian of Mercer Academy in 1896 and then from Franklin and Marshall College in 1900.
A graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, Karr earned his B.
Institutions that ignore real estate issues in their communities or fail to use assets strategically do so at their own peril, says John Fry, president of Franklin and Marshall College (Pa.
Schulman graduated from Franklin and Marshall College and University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
Goldstein of Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa.
Two "creation science" advocates associated with the Institute for Science and Biblical Research argued their case, going up against a geology professor at Franklin and Marshall College and me.
Less renowned but hungrier, Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, had no such restraints.
Consortial members include Albion College, Colorado College, Denison University, Eckerd College, Franklin and Marshall College, Macalester College, Trinity College, St.