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the therapeutic use of a constant high-voltage electrical field; a method of electrotherapy. It was named after Benjamin Franklin, who was the first to obtain static electricity.

In franklinization, a high voltage of 30–50 kilowatts is conveyed to a needle-shaped electrode. The discharge from this electrode polarizes the elements of the body’s cells, causes an aeroionic flow to descend on the part of the body being treated, and ionizes and ozonizes the surrounding air. These processes are accompanied by moderate dilatation of the peripheral blood vessels, an increase in the interchange of gases, a reflex improvement in the excretory functioning of the kidneys, and some decrease in arterial pressure. Franklinization may be in the form of an electrostatic shower or bath or may be applied locally. It is prescribed for neuroses, hypertension, asthma, skin diseases, wounds affected by a gradual process of granulation, and neurotrophic ulcers.


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