Frantisek Lexa

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Lexa, František


Born Apr. 5, 1876, in Pardubice; died Feb. 13, 1960, in Prague. Czech Egyptologist, founder of Egyptology in Czechoslovakia. Member of the Academy of Sciences of Czechoslovakia (1952). First director (1958–60) of the Institute of Egyptology of Charles University in Prague.

Lexa’s principal works dealt with Egyptian religion, magic, and linguistics. Lexa also translated ancient Egyptian literary works.


La Magie dans l’Egypte antique de l’ancien empire jusqu’à l’époque copte, vols. 1–3. Paris, 1925.
Grammaire démotique, vols. 1–7. Prague, 1949–51.
Veřejný život ve starověkém Egyptě, vols. 1–2. Prague, 1955.


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