Franz Doflein

Doflein, Franz


Born Apr. 5, 1873, in Paris; died Aug. 24, 1924, in Obernigk, near Breslau. German zoologist. Professor in Freiburg (from 1912) and Breslau (from 1918).

Doflein’s works are primarily about invertebrates (crustaceans, insects, and protozoa). His Handbook of Protozoology (6th ed., 1949) is a thorough summary of protozoic zoology. In the book Journey to East Asia (1906), Doflein describes the fauna of the seas of the Far East and the Sunda Islands.


In Russian translation: Stroenie i zhizn’ zhivotnykh v ikh vzaimnom sootnoshenii, vol. 1. St. Petersburg, 1913. (With R. Hess.)