Franz Joseph

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Franz Joseph,

emperor of Austria and king of Hungary: see Francis JosephFrancis Joseph
or Franz Joseph,
1830–1916, emperor of Austria (1848–1916), king of Hungary (1867–1916), nephew of Ferdinand, who abdicated in his favor.
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Francis and later, his grandson Franz Joseph realized that their own connoisseurship was irrelevant: what mattered was how art and cultural activity could be used to present a positive image of the dynasty.
Owens, a psychologist and historian who has lectured at several universities in the US and England, traces the lives of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth, the last monarchs of Austria-Hungary.
The Emperor was the aged Franz Joseph, who had succeeded in 1848, and his heir was his nephew Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose morganatic marriage barred his own sons from succeeding.
Media investor Karl Habsburg-Lothringen headed the dynasty of the Habsburgs after the demise of his father Otto Habsburg-Lothringen, a direct heir to the last emperor of Austro-Hungary Karl Franz Joseph.
From the childlike thrill of the crunchy snow beneath my crampon-covered feet, to the humming chimes of the blue ice, Franz Joseph Glacier, was truly a wonder to behold.
Franz Joseph I stood up for his Jewish subjects when they were threatened by German anti-Semites.
At Franz Joseph Glacier there was a helicopter ride up to a glacier for a walk across its glittering blue-white surface.
Along with politicians, artists and writers, kings and queens have also strolled through the halls of Pera Palace Hotel - King Edward VIII, Queen Elizabeth II, Emperor Franz Joseph, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Sarah Bernhardt, Alfred Hitchcock, Pierre Loti, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis.
Seven months later, and on the eve of an election, Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg -- Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg or "KT" for short -- is riding high.
Keenan's photograph, Franz Joseph Glacier, was recently shown in Birmingham in the exhibition selected by Stephen Snoddy, director of the New Art Gallery, Walsall, for the Art of Ideas 2 at Baskerville House.
Insanae et vane curae (Insane and idle cares) is a turbulent, sacred chorus written in 1797 by Franz Joseph Haydn and will be performed by the choir and orchestra.