Franz Schubert

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Schubert, Franz

(1797–1828) brilliant composer, died at 31. [Music Hist.: Thompson, 1968]
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It is important to recognise that if behaviours and lifestyles were to be the key criteria on which exposure to the arts depended, our young people would have no exposure to the writings of Oscar Wilde, the poetry of Lord Byron, the paintings of Caravaggio, Edouard Manet and Paul Gauguin, the music of Franz Schubert and the writing of Guy de Maupassant and many others," said the spokesman.
Los mismos incluyen 'The Leaves are Fading', de Antony Tudor; 'The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude', de William Forsythe con musica de Franz Schubert y 'Soldier's Mass', de Jiri Kylian.
That year's festival featured a performance of the complete song cycle Die Winterreise (A Winter's Journey) by Franz Schubert, to be sung by Swedish baritone Haken Haggegard accompanied by pianist Warren Jones.
It is impossible to enjoy this story without accepting its preposterous premise: Franz Schubert "inhabits" the body of a 30-ish New York lawyer who suddenly can play the piano as well as Schubert, because, well, some part of her is Schubert.
The choir gave a welcoming concert for the emperor and empress which included a piece by Austrian composer Franz Schubert.
Franz Schubert, Leopold Kupelwieser und ihr Freundeskreis.
La sinfonia "Inconclusa" de Franz Schubert es tal vez una de las obras de mayor hondura tragica de la historia.
There is even an entry on the Dresden Franz Schubert (1768-1827), to whom the hapless Breitkopf & Hartel sent the rejected manuscript of 'Erlkonig' (D.
It was translated into English by Sir Walter Scott and set to music in a famous song by Franz Schubert.