Franz Werfel

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Franz Werfel
BirthplacePrague, Austria-Hungary
Novelist, playwright and poet

Werfel, Franz


Born Sept. 10, 1890, in Prague; died Aug. 26, 1945, in Beverly Hills, California. Austrian writer.

Werfel studied at the German university in Prague. In the collections of versed Friend of the World (1912),We Exist (1913), and Judgment Day (1919) he exposed the horrors of war. A pioneer of expressionism in lyrics and drama, Werfel collaborated on the Berlin jounal Aktion. His plays Mirror Man (1920; Russian translation, 1922) and Paul Among the Jews (1927) and novels The Murdered Man Is Guilty (1920; Russian translation, 1924), The Class Reunion (1928), and The Star of the Unborn (1946) are characterized by ideas of abstract humanism with an inclination toward the mysticism of passive antimilitarism. His play Jacobowsky and the Colonel (1944) is antifascist.


Gesammelte Werke [vols. 1-4]. Stockholm, 1948-56.
In Russian translation:
Smert’ meshchanina. Leningrad, 1927.
Verdi: Roman opery. Moscow, 1962.


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The book's many merits include its attention not only to Kafka but to Max Brod, Franz Werfel, Paul Kornfeld and Egon Erwin Kisch, with occasional reference to less-known Prague writers.
Over a period of thirteen months he rescued approximately 1,500 prominent men and women of letters and political leaders, among them Marc Chagall, Enrico Fermi, Lion Feuchtwanger, Heinrich Mann, and Franz Werfel.
But a second team consisted of Marc Chagall, Max Ernst, Jacques Lipchitz, and the writers, Heinrich Mann, Lion Feuchtwanger and Franz Werfel and his demon wife, Alma Mahler.
George Perle is the obvious person to give us the definitive study of Berg's Lyric Suite: it was he who discovered the annotated score that, in revealing Berg's passion for Hanna Fuchs-Robettin, sister of Franz Werfel and sister-in-law of Alma Mahler, changed the face of Berg studies.
The principal Expressionist poets were Georg Heym, Ernst Stadler, August Stramm, Gottfried Benn, Georg Trakl, Else Lasker-Schuler, and Franz Werfel.
It would have been helpful to record more of the Jewish contribution to German literature - where are Walter Benjamin, Lion Feuchtwanger, Franz Werfel and Stefan Zweig, to name but a few?
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Major figures are Leonhard Frank, Alfred Doblin, and again Franz Werfel.
One of the spectators in the Breslau Hotel lobby was Franz Werfel.
Y esto no es tan facil; del conde Corri a Franz Werfel, de Victoriano Salado Alvarez a Rodolfo Usigli, a Fernando del Paso y Konrad Ratz, la tragedia del Segundo Imperio ha contado con grandes interpretes.
A well-born Viennese socialite, she was a notoriously liberated woman; had flirtations at various times with Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka and Alban Berg; and married Mahler, Gropius and writer Franz Werfel.