Franzholi, Andrei

Franzholi, Andrei Afanas’evich


Born Nov. 13 (25), 1848, in Kherson; died Aug. 6 (18), 1883, in Geneva. Russian revolutionary. Narodnik (Populist).

The son of a small merchant, Franzholi studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology in 1871. In 1873–74 he belonged to the Odessa circle of the Chaikovskii group and took part in the “going to the people” movement. Convicted in the trial of the 193, he was exiled to Sol’vychegodsk. He fled from exile in February 1880. He then joined the People’s Will and soon became a member of its executive committee; he conducted propaganda among the workers. After the assassination of Emperor Alexander II on Mar. 1, 1881, Franzholi, incurably ill, fled to the Caucasus. In early 1883 he emigrated.


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