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Fraternitas, asteroid 309 (the 309th asteroid to be discovered, on April 6, 1891), is approximately 32 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.4 years. Its name is derived from the Latin word for brotherhood. When prominent in a natal chart, Fraternitas indicates a friendly personality, interested in universal brotherhood. The sign and house position indicates how one interacts with friends.


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Among their topics are the temporality of the general will, layers of time in Marx: from the Grundrisse to Capital to the Russian commune, fraternitas militans: time and politics in Ernst Bloch, and "space-time" and power in the light of the theory of hegemony.
On July 30, 2012, Marc Andre Marcos, 21, a freshman law student at San Beda College, died from injuries inflicted during hazing by Lex Leonum Fraternitas (LLF) at a farm in Dasmarinas City, Cavite province.
Cagayan De Oro City - The law fraternity, Fraternitas Scintilla Legis (FSL), marked its 40th founding anniversary and 14th National Congress last Saturday with the theme "The Spark of the Past Reignited Today to Forge the Future.
Tendo passado oitocentos anos do surgimento da primeira fraternitas, nao restam duvidas de que a Ordem Franciscana e uma das ordens religiosas mais importantes da Igreja Catolica.
Dmitrijs Trofimovs, president of the only Russian fraternity in Latvia, Fraternitas Arctica, has urged voters to vote 'No' in the referendum.
La fraternitas franciscana permanecio como la primera <<christianitas>>, una experiencia profetica que al verificarse en la historia encontro problemas cruciales.
Aided by hunky Alex and members of The Council introduced in the first book, Caity and Justine arrive in China only to find that many things are not as they appear and that the Fraternitas and Shadow Government are infinitely more powerful than Caity ever imagined.
8) Bene enim tua sancta fraternitas iuxta aecclesiasticam regulam eos dampnavit et in custodiam misit et optime vocavit antichristi ministros et precursores: ep.
De adventus vestri gaudio cognoscere illic fraternitas coepit, qualis et quanta sit secutura Christo veniente laetitia, cuius quia cito appropinquabit adventus, imago iam quaedam praecessit in vobis: ut quomodo Ioannesprecursor eius etprevius venienspraedicavit Christum venisse, sic nunc episcopo confessore Domini et sacerdote redeunte appareat et Dominum iam redire>> (BAYARD, L.
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