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1. an adult female human being
2. women collectively; womankind
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A replacement for the Unix man documentation browsing command. Version 1.157 of woman runs under/on 386BSD, OSF, Apollo Domain/OS, BSD, HP-UX, IBM RS-6000, Irix, Linux, Solaris, Sony NEWS, SunOS, Ultrix, Unicos.

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FTP USC, USA. FTP Imperial, UK.
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Women generally represent intuition, creativity, nurturing, and love. At times they can also represent the negative attributes which are given to women and include physical and emotional weakness, gossip, martyrdom, passivity, moodiness, temptation, and guilt. The content of the dream is to be considered, as well as the emotional tone. If the dream is sexual in nature, look up sex. If the woman in your dream was a stranger and you are a man, she could be symbolic of your feminine side or your attitude about women. If you are a woman, this stranger may be symbolic of different parts of your character or personality. Carl Jung believed that the unknown woman in a man’s dream is the anima. It is the “personification of the animated psychic atmosphere; the autonomous activity of the unconscious.” Thus, when you meet an unknown woman in your dreams, pay close attention to what she is saying and doing. It is Carl Jung who suggested that women in dreams represent our collective unconscious and men collective consciousness. Thus, the woman is that force or current inside of you that nudges you on and inspires you. It is your intuition and the knowledge that in not necessarily attached to words. Men, on the other hand, represent the active part that uses the information received to create the physical reality of our lives. When the two are working together well we have balance and experience awareness that leads to peace and productivity.
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Mae dros ddwy fil o wahanol rywogaethau o'r seren frau yn y byd, a dros eu hanner nhw'n byw mewn dyfroedd sydd dros ddau gan metr o ddyfnder.
"The Poltrona Frau Group has set the standard for high-quality Italian furniture.
Frau Gethmann (47) (born 1907) trained as a nurse at the Kaiser Wilhelm Diakonnissen in Koblenz before specializing in psychiatric nursing at the Protestant Women's Aid Society in Soest, Westphalia.
The spaces on the seven floors, including the area that will host the ministry's offices, will be furnished with Poltrona Frau office products, created by Italian designers of international renown such as Lella and Massimo Vignelli, Claudio Silvestrin and Luca Scacchetti.
Frau then had his credit cards, cash and mobile stolen before being dumped on the street while the thieves sped away in his motor.
They released Frau before making off with his vehicle, credit card, mobile phone and hundreds of euros.
Fort Worth Opera Music Director Joseph Illick conducts a live presentation of a piece whose viability is assured so long as there are divas like Flanigan with the musical and theatrical temperament to jump into Frau Margot's skin emotions first.--WG
Ignoring the storm clouds of war (it's 1939, and Hitler is about to march into Poland), Wisocky's Frau frantically initiates filming of Kleist's romantic tragedy "Penthesilea," casting herself in the title role.
Practically overnight, forms listed "Herr" and "Frau" as the only options.
Die Frau trug eine hellrote Seidenbluse unter der Jacke mit einem Maschenkragen.
Then there is the woman Funder identifies only as Frau Paul.