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Frame Representation Language.


["The FRL Manual", R. Roberts et al, AI Memo 409, MIT AI Lab, 1977].
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"For my part, I have heard the composition at Stettin," said Fraulein Mosebach.
Fraulein Mosebach has left her beautiful little bag behind her on the seat."
"Fraulein Kircher," he said, "allow me to present Major Schneider--"
Meanwhile, sparks fly between German boarding house owner Fraulein Schneider and her elderly suitor Herr Schultz, a sweet and caring Jewish fruit vendor, against all odds.
No good at all.' 'No good,' echoed Fraulein's colleague.
The multi award-winning production will feature John Partridge as the enigmatic Emcee, alongside Kara Lily Hayworth as Sally Bowles, and AnitaHarris as Fraulein Schneider.
Singer and screen icon Anita Harris will take on the role of Fraulein Schneider.
Dressed in the style of a German Oktoberfest fraulein, Mr Paterson threw himself into the activities, taking part in the tug of war and message bike race, although he and his pals made great use of the beer tent as well.
It discusses historical and contemporary approaches to space and place in theatre and performance and three frameworks that use interdisciplinary methods to make sense of theatrical space as imaginative and hopeful, concrete and material, and pragmatic, through urban performance studies, genre, and theater as "contact zone." It provides three case studies that illustrate the theoretical frameworks as tools for spatial critique: Platform's urban audio walk And While London Burns, Katie Mitchell's Fraulein Julie, and The Shipment by Young Jean Lee's Theater Company.
On the other hand, Wilson, who is also producing 'The Hustle will star in the comedy 'Isn't it Romantic' due for release in 2019 and in Taika Waititi's dark comedy-drama 'Jojo Rabbit' as Fraulein Rahm.
Larosa and Regina Isidor, agrarian reform program officer; and Provincial Information Officer Fraulein G.

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